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The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bamenda is the Metropolitan See of the Ecclesiastical province of Bamenda in Cameroon. It was by the Bull Tametsi Christianarum of 13 August 1970, that Pope Paul VI erected the Diocese of Bamenda with territory detached from the Diocese of Buea. On 18 March 1982 Pope John Paul II created, by the Bull Eo Magis Ecclesia Catholica, the Archdiocese of Bamenda, the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda and erected the Diocese of Kumbo with territory detached from the Diocese of Bamenda. Bamenda was by the same bull made into the Metropolitan See of the Ecclesiastical Province with Buea and Kumbo as its Suffragans. Mamfe was later created into a diocese with territory detached from Buea. So Bamenda has 3 Suffragan Sees - Buea, Kumbo and Mamfe. As of Nov 2013 there are 35 Parishes in Bamenda divided into 6 Deaneries - NJINIKOM, MANKON, WIDIKUM, BAMBUI, WUM and NDOP.


  • August 13, 1970: Established as Diocese of Bamenda from the Diocese of Buéa
  • March 18, 1982: Promoted as Metropolitan Archdiocese of Bamenda

Special churches[edit]

The seat of the archbishop is St. Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral in Bamenda. The oldest Parish of the archdiocese is St Anthony's Parish Njinikom, Other significant parish Churches include St Matthias Widikum, St Patrick Babanki Tungo, St Martin de Porres, Wum, St Peter Bambui, and St Joseph Bafut. There is a Mater Redemptoris Shrine in Njangma, Mbatu in Njimafor Parish. Also the Centenary Shrine of the Immaculate Conception at Fujua in Fundong Parish where the first missionaries of the Sacred Heart of the Belgian Region settled in 1913.


  • Metropolitan Archbishops of Bemenda (Roman rite)

Bishop Agapitus Nfon ordained auxiliary bishop (since 31 May 2011 - 15 March 2016)

  • Bishops of Bamenda (Roman rite)
    • Archbishop Paul Verdzekov (August 13, 1970 – March 18, 1982)

Suffragan Diocese[edit]


Since 1974 the diocese has been officially twinned with the Diocese of Portsmouth in England[1]

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Coordinates: 5°56′52″N 10°09′24″E / 5.9477°N 10.1566°E / 5.9477; 10.1566

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