Roman Ridge

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The Roman Ridge is that part of the Roman road of Ermine Street located in the Doncaster area of South Yorkshire, England. Although in places, Ermine Street follows the modern Great North Road (now numbered the A638), there is a stretch between Sunnyfields and Red House which is known as the Roman Ridge.

The Roman Ridge departs from the A638 at the "Sun Inn" junction with the A635 (or Barnsley Road). Its course runs at an angle bisecting the angle made between the two modern roads. It runs to the west of the A638, roughly parallel to it, through the village of Sunnyfields and on to cross Green Lane, Scawsby on the eastern edge of Little Canada. From there it runs along the western edge of the villages of Highfields and Woodlands until it reaches the Red House junction of the Great North Road. From there, the Roman Ridge joins the A1 (Great North Road) as far as Barnsdale.

The Roman Ridge is colloquially known as the Roman Rigg, or ridge.

Coordinates: 53°32′46″N 1°11′06″W / 53.546°N 1.185°W / 53.546; -1.185