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Romeo Antonio
Birth name Ray Romeo Antonio
Origin Queens, New York, United States
Genres R&B, pop, pop rock, electronic, hip hop, jazz fusion
Occupation(s) Musician, Composer, Music Producer, Film and Television Producer, Engineer (music industry), Director (video and film), Actor, Entertainment Acquisitions, Financial Advisor/Consultant, Studio New Media Executive.
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano, bass, cello, keyboards, Drums, violin, African wood flute
Years active 1995–present; 17 years
Labels RomenMpire Records, Relativity Records, WEA, A&M Records, Mo Thugs Records, Mpire Films, Mpire Entertainment
Associated acts DMC, Jessica Simpson, LL Cool J, Prince (musician), Ne-Yo, Layzie Bone, Beyoncé Knowles, Krayzie Bone, Paris Hilton, Mo Thugs, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Fat Joe, Mo Thugs Family, Mya, Graveyard Shift, Poetic Hustla'z, 2Pac, Sarah McLachlan, Tommy Lee, Neil Young, Coolio, Ginuwine, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Pink (singer), Stone Rivers

Ray Romeo Antonio, known as Romeo Antonio in the Entertainment Industry, is an award winning filmmaker, musician, and author. From his early start as an accomplished musician, composer and record producer, he has proven to be an asset to organizations, placing him in a number of key roles for Entertainment Acquisitions.


Romeo Antonio's career spans 17 years from 1995 to present, 2012. An early career as a musician, record producer, composer, songwriter and Electronic engineering led to the formation of RomenMpire Records, his record label. As his career progressed, he moved into filmmaking and other entertainment venues forming Mpire Films and Mpire Entertainment. He formed a strategic alliance in the late 1990s with Michael DeLorenzo, President of Santa Clarita Studios[1] Romeo credits him for his involvement in the film industry, and have Executive Produced a number of projects together. Romeo Antonio's career, for most of it, has been infused with Technology.

Romeo is Vice President of Production at Parallax3, with studios at SCS and President of Kerner Broadcasting. Both companies are at the forefront of converting Two-dimensional to three-dimensional space 3D, to finding solutions for breaking into the fourth wall. It is expected SCS Studios will have a long term relationship with Pllx3, strategically, as well as Production Partners. He is Executive Partner/Director of New Media and Viral Technology at Desert Wind Films[2] and a Sr. VP of Music, Film Distribution and Acquisitions for Focen Network, Inc.[3] He is Executive Vice President of Tyr Investments, Inc., Boca Raton, Florida.

Business ventures[edit]



Early career[edit]

Romeo Antonio's early music career and solo debut album took place in Sydney, Australia. While most artists would choose New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, Romeo chose Sydney. As a guitarist for Prince, for 3 1/2 years, he went solo and toured Australia. He was dressed by Romeo Gigli and was often seen at Gigli's perfume launches playing his guitar. Romeo spent nine months preparing for his debut album, The Real Romeo on, A&M Records. He played every instrument on the album, including guitar, bass, keyboards, as well as vocals. He wrote all the music, too, and "knew how he wanted it to sound".[4] Romeo did studio sessions with well-known artists, including Anita Baker, Stephanie Mills, Whitney Houston, New Kids on the Block and Prince (musician).[5] The extensive Romeo and the Nite Crew Tour travelled to major cities in Australia.

Romeo met Prince when he was working with Sheila E and invited to Paisley Park Studios "to work with Prince himself".[5]

In 1996, Romeo debuted his album, "A Piece of Love Society" Festival Records/BMG. Festival Records was a wholly owned subsidiary of News Limited, Australia's largest media company, founded by Keith Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch father and now News Corp. The album inspired by the experiences and fantasies of love. Appearing on the album with Romeo were both American and Australian musicians including Troy Seals, Jr, David Jacobsen and Chong Lim. Romeo wrote all songs on the album.

Romeo started working with Steve Lobel[6] in 1995 while Romeo was producing Bone Thugs album, E. 1999 Eternal and Steve was their manager. Over the years they remained a team and worked with Mariah Carey, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Common, Run DMC, Alicia Keys, Onyx, Sticky Fingaz, Wu Tang Clan among others. They were producers on the album, Thug Mentality, 1999[6] They continued to be involved with each other on a variety of projects. Romeo continued his role as producer, songwriter, composer and musician on albums where Steve Lobel was Executive Producer and found themselves working together on projects in the music industry. Steve Lobel is one of the most recognized people in artist management and has propelled the careers of many well known people including, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Iyaz, roccstarr and Mann (rapper). Steve Lobel and Romeo Antonio continue a working relationship and new projects are underway.

Romeo was a writing team with Damon Elliott, Beyonce, Solange Knowles, Mya, and many more while he and Damon were a Production team. Romeo worked with Damon on Kelly Rowland's Simply Deep; Romeo played guitar and also wrote the song "Beyond Imagination" with Damon and Solange Knowles. Romeo worked with Damon from the late 1990s to 2006. They also worked together recording and producing records with Pink (singer), Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Keisha Cole.

In 2003, Romeo was interviewed by Andy Kaufmann, a well known music journalist for Music Connection for Producer Crosstalk, "From Limp Bizkit to Christina Aguilera.[7] Romeo talks about being a musician, songwriter and producer. "His strategy [for recording] is based on who I am working with, he explains". Although playing eight instruments, he favored the guitar above all else. "Rolling Stone dubbed him the Jimi Hendrix of the nineties.[5]

Romeo talks about the tools he uses in his production. He explains his use of Pro Tools, a two-inch 24-track Studer and a 64-Channel Trident Board. Although most equipment is all digital today, Romeo stated in his interview, "I don't think there is anything like that tape sound of a Studer built in 1971".[5] By this time, Romeo had sold nearly 15 million albums and the stimulus for worldwide distribution of his record label RomenMpire Records through EMI Records. Romeo's main reason for starting his own label was to work on artist development, and remains, almost a decade later, to help new and existing artists hone their craft. Frustrated at times, at the lack of artists not playing musical instruments, but instead, employing use of other methods to record albums, while his own background as an accomplished musician, has always been at the forefront of his work. "Over the past few years, I haven't seen artist development at all... the industry is missing that artist who is going to be around for years".[5]

Also during this time, he was kept busy at The Backroom Studio he shared with Brian McKnight in Glendale, CA. The association was the impetus for his album, Romeo's Backroom Story.


Romeo was SVP of Acquisitions and Music Catalogues at Compulsion Entertainment in 2000, and worked out of their New York offices. This took him to Cuba where he was evaluating their publishing catalogue for Distribution of Cuban Music in the United States. As an accomplished, well known, musician he had opportunities while in Cuba to play with many leading artists, as well as Cuba's orchestra.

Sylvia Rhone, then Chairman of the Elektra Entertainment Group, Elektra Records was working with Compulsion Entertainment to Distribute Cuban music in the United States. At the same time, another event was developing at Compulsion Entertainment. Rick Garson, then Chairman, owned the worldwide rights to the Pope's private prayer books, of Pope John Paul II.[8] He was only going to plan a book, but the success of Abba Pater, the previous year, he decided he would do a spoken word, CD.[8]

The other two people involved at Compulsion Entertainment were Mike Appel, Bruce Springsteen former manager and Keith Berglund, a Partner at Dewey Ballantine. Both were Romeo's Entertainment Managers at that time while at Compulsion.

Romeo Antonio retained the Masters for the Pope's Spoken Word. He recorded the soundtrack in Cuba. It is unclear, why the Principals involved at Compulsion Entertainment in New York did not retain the Masters amongst themselves, however, there was speculation at the time, but not proven, a conflict ensued among them. No reference alludes to this "supposed" conflict and further research, needed.

RomenMpire Records[edit]

Darryl McDaniels, one of the founding members of Run-DMC, debuted his solo album, Checks Thugs and Rock n Roll on Romeo Antonio's record label, RomenMpire Records[9] March 28, 2006. Romeo was Executive Producer, as well as playing multi instruments including Bass, Guitar, among others and also responsible for Drum Programming, Mixing, Orchestra Director, Orchestration, Producer and Vocals (Background). Steve Lobel facilitated the meeting between Darry and Romeo when Darryl expressed interest in making the video Just Like Me: My Adoption Journey appearing on the album and responsible for a Daytime Emmy from its appearance on CBS Sunday Morning.[10] Darryl McDaniels was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009 as part of the group Run-DMC in 2009.

  • 1997: Romeo's Gys/ Still Waters [Explicit][11]
  • 2000: Swear Not By The Mood[12]
  • 2001: Romeo's 245/ Aggravated Assault Explicit[13]
  • 2010: Romeo's Backroom Story[14]
  • 2012 Romeo's Unique [Explicit][15]

Other artists[edit]

Year Album Artist Credit
1997 Southwest Riders Guitar, Piano Producer
1997 Trials & Tribulations Poetic Hustla'z Guitar (Acoustic), Piano, Producer
1998 Chapter II: Family Reunion Mo Thugs Family Assistant Engineer, Bass, Composer, Guitar, Mixing Assistant, Producer
1998 Don Cartagena Fat Joe Mixing
1998 Small Soldiers War 2 Tracks Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Guitar (Rhythm)
1998 Small Soldiers War 5 Tracks Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Guitar (Rhythm)
1999 Thug Mentality 1999 Krayzie Bone Bass, Composer, Mixing Assistant, Producer
2000 The Collection, Vol. 2 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Producer
2001 ' Stone Rivers Composer, Producer
2002 Simply Deep Kelly Rowland Guitar, Writer "Beyond Imagination"
2003 In This Skin Jessica Simpson Composer, Guitar, Main Personnel
2003 Moodring Mya Guitar
2003 The Fighting Temptations Movie Score Guitar
2004 Greatest Hits Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Producer
2004 Greatest Video Hits Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Producer
2004 Reality Tour Jessica Simpson Composer
2005 The Rose, Vol. 2 '2Pac Producer
2006 Checks Thugs and Rock N Roll DMC Audio Production, Bass, Drum Programming, Executive Producer, Guitar, Mixing,

Multi Instruments, Orchestra Director, Orchestration, Producer, Vocals, Background.

2009 Triple Feature Jessica Simpson Composer
2010 Tri-Pack Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Producer



Romeo Antonio entered the film industry in 1998 as a musician in the film Small Soldiers.[16] In 2001 he was music supervisor, composer, writing original music for Play Dead.[17]

In the following years, 2002-03 he was a musician for the films Austin Powers in Goldmember, The Master of Disguise, Malibu's Most Wanted and The Fighting Temptations[18] He was the music supervisor and composer in 2005 for No Rules (film) and a musician in 2007 for Knocked Up, named by the American Film Institute Awards 2007 as one of the 10 best movies of the year. He was the music supervisor for Rest Stop: Don't Look Back in 2008, direct-to-video sequel to the 2006, Rest Stop.[19]

In 2010, he was music supervisor and composer for the award winning film, Rollers[20] and music supervisor, 2012, for the award winning film, Pizza With Bullets.[21]


Romeo Antonio began producing films in 2005 with No Rules. He credits his involvement in the film industry to Michael DeLorenzo[5] The two, at this early junction, cemented a relationship, whereby they would partner on a number of projects. In 2006, he Executive Produced the Emmy winning TV Documentary, DMC: My Adoption Journey[22] He was a producer in 2007 for the short film Lucifer.[23]

In 2009, he reunited with Michael DeLorenzo[5] for the film Just Peck as Executive Producer. He also formed a strategic relationship with Jerry Leider, Producer on Just Peck, and a well known film and television Producer;My Favorite Martian (film), On the Road (film), among others.[24]

In 2010, Romeo was Executive Producer/Producer for the award winning short film, Stained.[25] The film, nominated for three awards, winning two; one for best period piece and the other for best supporting actor at the 2010 Action on Film International Film Festival, USA.[26]

Romeo Executive Produced and Directed in 2010 the action film Rollers. He also authored, directed and composed the original score for the film. The film won a Gold Medal at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival for Best Crime Drama as well as Caroline D'Amore for best supporting actress.[27][28] A distribution deal with Millennium Films was recently negotiated for worldwide Theatrical Release, expected First quarter, 2013.[29]

In 2011, he was co-executive Producer for the action film, Two Knives, with Original music by Bill Conti; distribution by Fox Searchlight Pictures[30][31] He next Executive Produced The Unforgiven, 2011/I, a drama film with Busta Rhymes, Warner Bros. Distribution[32][33]

Romeo was Executive Producer for the film, Sunburnt Angels, 2011, a comedy/crime genre with worldwide distribution by Romeo Antonio's Film Company, Mpire Films.[5][34]

Romeo Executive Produced the award winning Pizza With Bullets, 2012 along with Michael DeLorenzo[5] and Fred C. Caruso. The mob-comedy stars Vincent Pastore, and Talia Shire. Directed by Robert Rothbard[35] who co-wrote the script with Tony Devon,[36] The film won six awards from various Film Festivals including Action On Film International Film Festival for Best Screenplay; Robert Rothbard and Tony Devon, Lifetime Achievement Award to Talia Shire, Garden State Film Festival; Rising Star Award to Ronnie Marmo,Wave of Excellence for Filmmaking to Vincent Pastore and Talia Shire and WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival; Platinum Award to Jeffrey Cordone, Producer and Robert Rothbard, Director.[37][38] Distributor is Mpire Films[5]

He was a Producer for the thriller (genre), The Woods, a film with Franco Nero, Mickey Rooney. Michael Pollard, Tony Devon and Jacqueline Biels.[39] Distributor, Buena Vista Pictures.[40]

Romeo credits Mike DeLorenzo for his entry into filmmaking. Not long after this time, Mike DeLorenzo facilitated a meeting between Romeo and Jerry Leider, well known Movie, Television Producer and former Talent Agency Senior Executive.[41] Romeo first worked with Jerry Leider in 2009 when he was an Executive Producer of the film, Just Peck. Romeo credits Jerry with being a mentor and advisor who has guided his career as a Producer and filmmaker. Romeo was asked by Jerry to work on his film "On The Road,he Executive Produced with Francis Ford Coppola.[10] Jerry and Romeo will next collaborate on the movie and companion Television series, Kamille/Loyal Blue, a crime drama based in part on actual facts. The feature film in pre production, is scheduled for a 2013 worldwide Theatrical release.[10]


  • Jessica Simpson: Reality Tour Live (video) (video "My way home") 2004
  • Rollers (written by) 2010
  • Kamile/Loyal Blue (story) (pre-production) 2013


  • No Rules Drug Dealer 2005
  • Rollers Tate 2010
  • Pizza With Bullets Agent Shanks 2012 (Completed)

Mpire Films[edit]

Romeo Antonio's Mpire Films is a Production and Distribution Company for film and television.


Romeo Antonio has Produced, Directed and written for Television.

In 2006, he Executive Produced the video for the Emmy winning TV Documentary, DMC: My Adoption Journey[10] The song, Just Like Me appeared on his debut album Checks Thugs and Rock N Roll, the album Executive Produced by Romeo Antonio under his record label RomenMpire and distribution by Warner Brothers(WEA).

Darryl McDaniels while searching for information about his early life for his autobiography, he found he was adopted and lede him on a search for his birth parents. The video won an Emmy Award Shared by DMC, Sarah McLachlan, Romeo Antonio, Shawn Papazian, and Michael DeLorenzo. It aired on CBS Sunday Morning.[42]

The video starred DMC and Sarah McLachlan as well as other known people including Gary Dourdan, whose role was of the adoptive father. Gary best known for his role in the original series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in the role of Warrick Brown. The series, originally filmed in Valencia, CA,but then moved to the Santa Clarita Studios after the 11th episode in 2000.[5] Michael DeLorenzo and Romeo Antonio had formed a partnership in the late 1990s, however, Romeo had known Gary Dourdan previously as a record producer and alternative musician. The two have worked together on two films; one completed "The Woods" and the other "Kamille/Loyal Blue in pre production, with a 2013 worldwide Theatrical release.[10]

In 2007 Romeo was Executive Producer/Producer for the Made-for-television and TV pilot, The Man written by Anthony Zuiker and directed by Simon West; the crime drama based in part on actual undercover events. LL Cool J starred as undercover agent, Manny Baxter.[43] Romeo had known LL Cool J, previously when he toured with him in 1997-98. Mike DeLorenzo facilitated a meeting with Romeo and Anthony Zuiker which led to his Executive Producing the property, The Man at CBS.[5] From his role as undercover agent, Manny Baxter, LL Cool J went on to NCIS: Los Angeles in the role of Senior Field Agent Sam Hanna, a former Navy SEAL, now in its fourth season.

Romeo was also a Producer for the 2007 short film Lucifer. In 2008, he Executive Produced Trophy, a Made-for-television drama distributed by Home Box Office and Peccadillo Pictures.[44]


NashVegas, a Pilot Romeo Antonio Directed and Produced, follows five people in different stages of their careers; Entourage meets American Idol. The scripted reality television show has another component; a songwriter competition, and finalists selected by a panel of Judges. These songs performed by cast members, and guest celebrities will culminate with viewers voting for the winner.

When picked up by a Network, the show's production in Nashville could create 200 jobs. The cast includes Chris Murphy, Alecia Davis, Drew Hollowell, Misty Loggins, and Ty Brown.[45]



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