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Ronald Walter Ellis (born 12 September 1941)[1][2] has been, among other occupations, a crime novelist, broadcaster, and journalist.[3] In 1992, The Sun described him as the "man with the most jobs in Britain".[1][3][4]


Born in Southport, England, he studied library science at Liverpool Polytechnic.[5] In 1966,[6] he became one of the country's first mobile D.J.s.[1] In 1976, he was appointed Northern Promotion Manager for WEA (Warner Bros. Records, Elektra Records and Atlantic Records).[1][2][4] He recorded a hit song, a punk anthem, "Boys on the Dole", which charted in the top 10 on the New Wave charts in 1979.[1][2][4] In 1984, American biographer Albert Goldman hired him as British researcher for his book The Lives of John Lennon.[1][2][3] Ellis also broadcast football reports for BBC Radio Merseyside.[1][2][7]

Ellis has written two books of self-published poems, one of which won the national Sefton Poetry Award in 1992,[1] and a comedy book, Journal of a Coffin Dodger,[1][2] which was shortlisted for the Best British Audio Comedy Book in 2004.[4]

Ellis has written 10 crime novels.[3] The Johnny Ace series, published by Headline and Allison & Busby, features a Liverpool private investigator/radio presenter called Johnny Ace, and The DCI Glass series, three police procedurals. He also runs his own publishing company, Nirvana Books,[4] featuring works by pop music broadcaster Spencer Leigh, local historian Joan A. Rimmer, and crime writers Kate Ellis and Eileen Dewhurst.[1]


The Johnny Ace crime novels[7]
  • Ears of the City[1]
  • Mean Streets[1]
  • Framed[1]
  • The Singing Dead[1]
  • Grave Mistake[1]
  • Single Shot[1]
  • City of Vultures[1]
The DCI Glass crime novels
  • Murder First Glass[1][2][4]
  • Snort of Kings[1]
  • Murder on the Internet Nirvana (under the title Playground Ppets)[1][3]
  • Journal of a Coffin Dodger[1][4]
Social History
  • Diary of a Discothèque
  • The Last of the Lake Poets[1][2][4]


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