Ronan Ryan

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Ronan Ryan
Ronan Ryan.jpg
Born 1974
Nationality Irish-American
Citizenship United States, Ireland
Alma mater Fairfield, B.A. '96
Employer IEX Group
Known for Michael Lewis' Flash Boys
Title President

Ronan Ryan is an Irish-American businessperson. He is the president of IEX, the Investor's Exchange, and an electronic trading expert. As a founding member of IEX, Ryan was a central character featured in Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt.[1] Irish America magazine named Ryan to its 2014 and 2015 Wall Street 50 list.[2][3]


Born and raised in Dublin, he moved to America in 1990, when he was 16.[4]

Ryan has extensive experience in both networking infrastructure and the financial services industry.[5] Prior to the IEX Group, he has worked for RBC Capital Markets, Switch and Data, BT Radianz, Qwest and MCI.


Ryan graduated from Fairfield University in 1996 with a Bachelor's degree in International Studies.[6] During his time at Fairfield, Ryan was a member of the cross country team and he was the school mascot, Lucas the Stag.[7]

Flash Boys[edit]

Since Michael Lewis' book Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt was released in March 2014, Ryan has experienced rising popularity. As a networking infrastructure expert, Ryan shared his knowledge of colocation and high-frequency trading with Lewis, which became a large focus in Flash Boys.[8] Ryan does not believe all high-frequency trading is bad, but there are certain strategies in high-frequency that Ryan believes front-run large, institutional orders.[8]


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