Roos-n-More Zoo

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Roos-n-More Zoo
Date opened 2006
Location Moapa Town, Nevada, USA
Coordinates 36°41′42.21″N 114°35′25.27″W / 36.6950583°N 114.5903528°W / 36.6950583; -114.5903528Coordinates: 36°41′42.21″N 114°35′25.27″W / 36.6950583°N 114.5903528°W / 36.6950583; -114.5903528
No. of animals 160+

Roos-n-More Zoo is a privately owned and operated non-profit zoo in Moapa, Nevada, about an hour northeast of the Strip. Its focus is a hands-on experience with a variety of exotic animals, including kangaroos, otters, coatis, lemurs, and others.


Roos-n-More was founded by Valerie and Jay Holt in 2008.[1] It was forced to close in 2014 after it failed to pass county inspections. In June 2016, Roos-n-More was given permission to reopen subject to several conditions, such as number of visitors, number of animals, and number of days open per month.

Roos-n-More's last day of operation was December 17, 2016.


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