Rooster's Breakfast

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Petelinji zajtrk
Directed by Marko Naberšnik
Produced by Franci Zajc
Written by Marko Naberšnik
story: Feri Lainšček
Starring Vlado Novak
Primož Bezjak
Pia Zemljič
Janez Škof
Bojan Emeršič
Feri Lainšček
Distributed by Ars Media
Release date
Slovenia, 18 November 2007
Running time
125 min
Country Slovenia
Language Slovene

Rooster's Breakfast (Slovene: Petelinji zajtrk) is a Slovenian romantic comedy released in 2007. It is an adaptation of less known novel of the same name by Feri Lainšček. The film is the most acclaimed and most successful Slovenian films of all times,[1] and also the third most successful movie in Slovenia, following Titanic and Troy.[2]


The film takes place in Mura Valley, in the vicinity of Gornja Radgona. David Slavinec, nicknamed Đuro (Primož Bezjak) has recently been laid off from his job. However, his former boss offers him a new job at the automechanic shop owned by his acquaintance Pišti Gajaš (Vlado Novak). Gajaš is an experienced, but somewhat naive local car mechanic who frequently talks about the past times when, in his opinion, the life was much better for the ordinary citizen. His friends frequently visit him to play cards and discuss the events happening around them.

Cveto Vuksanović - Lepec, (Dario Varga) the town's biggest thug and the owner of the local night club, frequently visits Gajaš to repair his BMW. Gajaš always repairs the car for him although he always finds an excuse not to pay the bill immediately, preferring payments in various small favors to Gajaš and his friends. There, Đuro meets Bronja, (Pia Zemljič), the wife of Lepec who asks him to drive her to Austria to get some pills. They soon start meeting each other. On one occasion she tells Đuro that she and her husband have become estranged after the birth of their daughter and the pills were meant to cure her severe nervous breakdown. Đuro and Bronja soon start a passionate affair which Gajaš discovers but keeps it hidden from Lepec who nevertheless becomes suspicious.

In the meantime, Gajaš dreams about Severina, a well-known Croatian pop star, who is on tour in the town. When Lepec drives his car in for a repair again, Gajaš demands he pays the debts from the past. This time Lepec pays him some money and gives a promise he will bring Severina to his place to have a dinner with him. Late that evening, Severina comes and joins Gajaš at the dinner. The next morning Gajaš joyfully tells Đuro that he had "rooster's breakfast" (i.e. morning sex) with Severina, but Đuro tells him that Severina wasn't a real one - Lepec brought in a prostitute with a striking resemblance to Severina to fool him. Soon Lepec appears and spots a necklace given to Đuro by Bronja, thus discovering their affair. After a quarrel with Lepec Gajaš pulls the gun and shoots Lepec before he can strike Đuro. Some time later Đuro visits the prison where Gajaš orders him to take over his workshop and to maintain it in such order as he did. He then settles there with Bronja and her daughter.



The film won 5 awards at the 10th Festival of Slovenian Film. It was also the Slovenian candidate for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film nomination in 2009 (81st Academy Awards).

  • 2007 – Award for best film by choice of audiences at the 10th Slovenian Film Festival in Portorož for the feature film ROOSTER’S BREAKFAST (Slovenia, Europe)
  • 2007 – Award for best directing at the 10th Slovenian Film Festival in Portorož for the feature film ROOSTER’S BREAKFAST (Slovenia, Europe)
  • 2007 – Award for best screenplay at the 10th Slovenian Film Festival in Portorož for the feature film ROOSTER’S BREAKFAST (Slovenia, Europe)
  • 2007 - Stop Magazine Award at the 10th Slovenian Film Festival in Portorož for best actor/actress (Pia Zemljič) (Slovenia, Europe)
  • 2007 – Viktor Award for special achievements – for successful distribution of the feature film ROOSTER’S BREAKFAST (Slovenia, Europe)
  • 2009 – Golden Bird Award for film achievements for the feature film ROOSTER’S BREAKFAST (Slovenia, Europe)
  • 2009 – Critics Award at the 4th Annual South East European Film Festival, Cinema Without Borders, Los Angeles for best feature film ROOSTER’S BREAKFAST (Los Angeles, USA)


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