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Rory Allen Phillips is a founding member of punk-ska band, The Impossibles.[1][2] Phillips also started The Stereo with Jamie Woolford of Animal Chin in 1999, and Slowreader with Impossibles bandmate Gabe Hascall in 2001. Phillips' current band is The Artificial Heart. Some of his side projects include Imbroco's "Are You My Lionkiller?"; the 20goto10; Nineteen Ninety-Now; Amex; and a 2000-2005 mixtape under Rory Allen Phillips.

Rory has also produced, mixed, or mastered albums by Young Love, Recover, At All Cost, Soft, The Rise, Vise Versa, The Higher, Visitors, Old Coyote, Cruiserweight, Kissing Chaos, The Last Starfighter, White Lies and Armor For Sleep among other bands.


with The Impossibles[edit]

with The Stereo[edit]

  • Three Hundred (1999)
  • Audio Catalog compilation CD (Fueled By Ramen, 2000)

with Slowreader[edit]

with The Artificial Heart[edit]


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