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Name: Rose-Noëlle
Route: Picton to Tonga
Fate: Capsized at 6am on June 4, 1989 by a rogue wave, drifted for 119 days and sank at Little Waterfall Bay
General characteristics
Type: Trimaran
Tonnage: 6.5 tons
Length: 12.6 m

Rose-Noëlle was a trimaran that capsized at 6am on June 4, 1989 in the southern Pacific Ocean off the coast of New Zealand.[1][2] Four men (John Glennie, James Nalepka, Rick Hellriegel and Phil Hoffman) survived adrift on the wreckage of the ship for 119 days.

Their story is told in the 2015 New Zealand television movie, Abandoned, starring Dominic Purcell and Peter Feeney, along with Owen Black and Greg Johnson.[3]

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