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Rose Thisse-Derouette (20 July 1902 – 16 September 1989) was a Belgian composer, conductor, musicologist, folklorist and teacher.[1] She was born in Liège, Belgium, and won the Prix de Rome for composition.[2]

Thisse-Derouette wrote articles on folkloric dance in the 1960s, including Our older players in Ardennes - Retrospective of a profession which has disappeared: li mestre, published in Watcher in the Walloon, No. 3, Le recueil de danses manuscrit d’un ménétrier ardennais, published in Annales de l'institut archéologique du Luxembourg (éd. Fasbender, Arlon), and Nos vieux joueurs de dans ardennais/[3] She died in Liège, Belgium, in 1989.[4]


Thisse-Derouette composed for vocal performance and opera.[2] Selected works include:

  • Danses Populaires de Wallonie with Jenny Falize Thisse-Derouette
  • Le recueil de danses
  • Poqwè HAD 'nin v'ni for solo voice and piano


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