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Also known as Tyler Bates & Azam Ali;
Roseland featuring Tyler Bates and Azam Ali
Origin Los Angeles
Genres Rock
Years active 2003–2007
Labels Tyzami Records
Members Azam Ali (vocals)
Tyler Bates
Notable instruments
Hammered dulcimer (Azam Ali)

Roseland is a musical partnership between Azam Ali and film composer Tyler Bates. It features Azam singing entirely in English against a rock/ambient soundscape that, on several tracks, includes the drumming and percussion of Greg Ellis, who co-founded Vas with Azam Ali back in 1996.

History and Roseland (album)[edit]

Azam and Tyler first met in 2000 when Azam performed on the score for the film "Night at the Golden Eagle."[1] The duo worked together on the soundtracks of 300 and Dawn of the Dead. Eventually, feeling an immediate visceral inspiration during their sessions together,[1] the two collaborated and began work in 2003, which would lead to Roseland.
After almost four years in the making[2] Roseland released their first and so far only album, self-titled, Roseland. The album featured Tyler Bates on electric, acoustic, and bass guitars; keyboards, arrangements and programming. Azam Ali, other than vocals, is also featured on Persian santur (hammered dulcimer), which she had been taught under the guidance of Persian master Manoochehr Sadeghi. Greg Ellis, Azam's partner on Vas, performed on drum kit and percussions for the tracks "Other Side Of Me", "Keep It Coming", "Bitter Days" and "Light The Stars."
The album was originally available on,[2] but six months later it became out of print (reasons remain unknown). It may still be found through various sellers on the internet.[3]


Roseland has been noted to stray from both artists' general work as it sways Azam in a more Rock-oriented direction, while it takes Tyler on exploration of ambient electronic techniques. The lyrics were noted for their haunting and evocative reflections on the sorrows of war, self-doubt, and personal experiences and relationships, which shape and mold psyches.[1][3]

Studio album by Roseland
Released August 7, 2007
Genre Darkwave
Length 50:40
Label Tyzami Records
Producer Tyler Bates

Roseland track listing and album information[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Other Side Of Me" 3:27
2. "The Spill" 5:21
3. "Mothwings" 4:23
4. "Hollow Feel" 4:53
5. "Keep It Coming" 5:08
6. "Forty One Ways" 5:38
7. "Bitter Days" 4:47
8. "The Reaper's Crown" 5:21
9. "Believer" 6:54
10. "Light The Stars" 4:48
Total length: 50:40

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