Rounding Up the Law

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Rounding Up the Law is a 1922 western directed by Charles R. Seeling and starring Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Russell Gordon and Chet Ryan.[1]

Preserved by the Library of Congress.[2][3]


Larry Connell arrives in a border town run by Sheriff Bull Weyman and Branch Doughty. Connell wins the sheriff's ranch at draw poker, but Weyman uses his influence with Judge Hyland to have Larry declared bankrupt. Larry attempts to fight foul with fair, but the sale of his cattle pushes him over the edge. Larry holds up Doughty and subsequently gets arrested, but escapes, intending to blow up the sheriff's office.[4]


DVD release[edit]

Rounding Up The Law was released on Region 0 DVD-R by Alpha Video on July 7, 2015.[5]


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