Rowan of the Bukshah (character)

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Rowan of the Bukshah is a fictional character in Emily Rodda's Rowan of Rin series. Rowan is an outcast in the village of Rin: a timid boy in a village of warriors. His role in the village is to tend to the Bukshah, but he has been the hero of the village more than once. Rowan lives with his sister Annad and mother Jiller.

Bukshah are horned mammals. Their hair can grow up to 15 meters long (without the help of Rowan). Each Bukshah coat has a different pattern. The different patterns help attract Female Bukshah. If a Bukshah's fur is a color other than brown, white, grey or salmon pink it is seen as a weakling.


Rowan of the Bukshah: the leader of the group and main character of the series.

Shaaran of the Silks: One of Rowan's friends who saved everyone in the vale of horrors.

Norris of the Silks: One of Rowan's friends, a fighter and Shaaran's older Brother.

Zeel of the Travelers: One of Rowan's friends who saved Norris from an ice creeper.

Lann the Leader: An old fighter.

Bronden: A furniture maker.