Rowan of Rin (series)

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Rowan of Rin
1 white aggravated sandworms wreaking havoc.
Author Emily Rodda
Illustrator Matt Wilson
Country Australia
Genre Juvenile fiction
Fantasy novel
Publisher Omnibus Books
Published 1993-2004
Media type Print (hardcover and paperback) and audio-CD

The Rowan of Rin series is a series of five children's fantasy novels by Australian author Emily Rodda. The series follow the adventures of a shy village boy, Rowan. The books have each been shortlisted for the Children's Book Council of Australia's Book of the Year and the original Rowan of Rin won that title.


The Rowan stories take place in a fictional world, and each novel always begin in the small village of Rin, an isolated valley that rests at the foot of the forbidden Mountain. West of the Mountain is an unnavigable wasteland, and east of Rin lies a river that runs into the sea. On the coast is the larger, more populous city of Maris, home to the fish-like Maris people. It is stated in Rowan and the Zebak that Maris is the only point on the coast where ships can land safely, as north and south of Maris the coast is lined by hazardous rocks and steep cliffs. Across the sea, to the east, lies the land of the Zebak; the Zebak territory is a desert, its city encased in steel walls and protected from land threats by the desolate, hazard-ridden Wastelands. On the western continent, a group of people known as the Travellers move in a nomadic fashion between Maris and Rin, trading and entertaining as they go.

Books in the series[edit]

Rowan of Rin[edit]

Rowan is a weak and timid boy, with a strong heart and mind but a frail, sickly body and a love for the gentle Bukshah. He is an oddity in Rin, the people of which value physical strength, chest hair and courage, and is looked down upon by all those that feel ashamed that he does not live up to his late father's reputation. He is designated the role of the Keeper of the Bukshah, a domesticated form of cattle. In Rowan of Rin, he proves himself to be the greatest hero of all the villagers; when his six brave, strong companions fall to the hazards of the forbidden Mountain, Rowan perseveres, faces the great Dragon, and escapes. In doing so, he saves the town by relieving the Dragon of its crippling wound; the Dragon then resumes melting the ice around its cave, causing the stream to flow down to the village.

Rowan and the Travellers[edit]

The travellers- allies to the people of Rin since their exodus from Zebak land- are returning to the valley. However, their visit is much too soon. Normally the Travellers visit the valley of Rin once every two years; on this occasion, they are returning suspiciously early, and just six months after Rowan conquered the forbidden mountain and Allun brought the newly found Mountain Berry plant back to the village. With mystery and intrigue Rowan must solve Sheba the wise woman's prophecy about the fate of the valley Rin. But will he make it in time? And who is the real enemy- the Travellers, the Zebak... or the ancient people of the Valley of Gold?

Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal[edit]

Rowan and his mother must travel to the beaches where the Maris civilization dwell all in order to choose the next Keeper of the Crystal. Rowan suspects nothing until his mother is poisoned and he must take her place, but Rowan refuses to elect the new Keeper, deciding that he needs the antidote to save his mother. So, he and the three candidates battling to be the next Keeper must go to find the antidote...

Rowan and the Zebak[edit]

Everything seems to be very well and usual in the valley of Rin. But, somehow, Rowan, Perlain and Ogden all sense danger in the land. Rowan knows he must do something, but he doesn't want to disturb the wedding of Jiller, his mom, and Jonn, his step father. Unexpectedly, before the wedding ceremony ended, Annad is snatched by a flying creature known as the Zebak grach. With guilt and despair Rowan set off for his journey to rescue Annad. Accompanied by his three companions and Sheba's prophecies, Rowan must travel to the land of his ancient enemy - the Zebak. But, what if the Zebak find them or what danger is waiting for them in the land of the Zebak...

Rowan of the Bukshah[edit]

(Retitled to Rowan and the Ice Creepers) An endless winter has begun in the land of Rin. The Rin folk have fled to the Maris and only a few remain in the village, but Rowan must still embark on a deadly quest. He journeys up the mountain in his beloved bukshah's wake to cease the endless frost and ice, but doing so may endanger not only himself, but his loved ones as well...