Ruben Hakhverdyan

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Ruben Hakhverdyan
Ruben Hakhverdyan.jpg
Hakhverdyan (in the middle) during a concert in 2016
Background information
Born December 3, 1950
Yerevan, Soviet Armenia, Soviet Union
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1968—

Ruben Hakhverdyan (Armenian: Ռուբեն Հախվերդյան) is a popular Armenian poet, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and lyricist. Hakhverdyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1950.[1] He attended Yerevan's theater institute and in 1975, earned his degree in television and theater direction. He worked for the city's State Television Network.[2][1]

Hakhverdyan's songs are extremely popular in Armenia. They include the song "Navak" (Boat), which is his most famous children's song. Other popular songs include "Mer Siro Ashune" (The Autumn of Our Love) which is one of Armenia's best known romantic songs. Three songs that Hakhverdyan himself says have influenced him most and have been his all-time favorites are Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles, Amsterdam by Jacques Brel and It's a Man's World by James Brown.[1]


Ruben Hakhverdyan was born in 1950 in Yerevan in the family of linguist, academician Levon Hakhverdyan and philologist, critic, translator Sona Ayunts. 1969-1974 he studied and graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute. In 1971 he has got 2-months internship at the Moscow Satire Theatre in the class of Mark Jakharovi. 1968-1989 Hakhverdyan worked in the Armenian State Television Network, first as assistant director, later as a director.[1] Hakhverdyan staged plays at Yerevan Sundukyan State Academic and at Hrachya Ghaplanyan Drama theaters. In 1989 Hakhverdyan left his job at television and acts as a free artist.[3] Ruben Hakhverdyan is an author of a number of CDs (the first one, "Songs of Love and Hope", 1985, Paris). The best known songs are "Snow" («Ձյունը»), "The Dogs" («Շները»), "In the Nights of Yerevan" («Երևանի գիշերներում»). In 1996 he created "My Home on the Wheels" concert-performance, as well as children's songs. He has performed in France, United States, Yugoslavia, Italy, Lebanon, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia, Iran, Syria, Lebanon.[4]


  • 1988-1989 Hakhverdyan was filmed in Harutyun Khachatryan's "Wind of Oblivion" film[1]
  • In 2009 he starred in the film "Endless Return" by Harutyun Khachatryan[1]


  • Movses Khorenatsi medal, 1998[1]
  • Gold Medal of the Ministry of Culture, 2006[1]
  • In 2008 Hakhverdyan's album "from the age of 0 to 100 years old"[5] won "Ara and Maral" Award by Tekeyan Cultural Union


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