Ruby, Okanogan County, Washington

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Ruby is an American ghost town in Okanogan County, Washington State.

Silver was discovered in 1886 on the slopes of Ruby Mountain and Peacock Hill. By 1887 a mining district was created and a camp grew up beside Salmon Creek. This camp was called Ruby, or Ruby City.[1]

Ruby had a population of 700. By 1888, 70 buildings were located along the main street. In 1889, Ruby was declared the county seat. A publication called the Ruby Miner advertised the mineral richness of the area. When the Panic of 1893 caused silver prices to plummet, Ruby was slowly abandoned, becoming, eventually, a ghost town.[2][3]


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Coordinates: 48°29′57″N 119°43′32″W / 48.49917°N 119.72556°W / 48.49917; -119.72556