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Wiener Cottage Sanatorium building, Vienna, 1908

Rudolf R. von Urbantschitsch, later Rudolf von Urban (28[1] April 1879 – 18 December 1964), was an Austrian psychiatrist and psychologist who researched human sexuality.

Born in Vienna, his father Viktor Urbantschitsch was a physician.[2] His uncle, Carl Fröschl, was a portrait painter.[3] Rudolf von Urban studied at the Vienna Theresianum, graduating in 1898 and, early in his career, worked as assistant to the internist Carl von Noorden. With Noorden's support he opened the prestigious Wiener Cottage Sanatorium as a clinic for the aristocracy in 1908.[4]

Fleeing political conditions he moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1936. He wrote the book Sex Perfection and Marital Happiness (DIAL PRESS, INC New York 1949). His work describes a type of bio-energetic flow of energy that is possible between couples when orgasm is avoided and sexual intercourse is prolonged. The findings of his research indicate that improved over-all health and well-being are a result of engaging in "Sex Perfection". The methods advocated are similar to those of J. William Lloyd, Alice Bunker Stockham, as well as many of the tenets of Tantra.

Personal life[edit]

With his first wife, Fritzi Rosali Persicaner, he had two children, Hans (1901-1925) and Gretel (1903-1999). By his second wife, actress Maria Mayen, he had a daughter, Elizabeth. He was later married to Virginia Jacqueline MacDonald.[5] His grandson is Academy Award-winning actor Christoph Waltz. Rudolf von Urban died in Carmel, California, aged 85.


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