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Rudolph Brasch AM OBE (6 November 1912 – November 2004[1]) was an Australian rabbi and author.


He was born in Berlin, Germany and moved to London when Hitler gained power in 1933. He eventually emigrated to Australia, arriving in 1949, and was the Chief Minister of the Temple Emanuel in Sydney for the next thirty years.

Among his honours were the Coronation Medal (1952), Officer of the Order of the British Empire (1967[2]), the Silver Jubilee Medal (1977) and Member of the Order of Australia (1979[3]).

He wrote several books, mostly focusing on customs and their origin.

He died in November 2004, aged 92.


  • Reminiscences of a Roving Rabbi, Harper Collins,
  • The Star of David
  • The Eternal Flame
  • How did it Begin?
  • Mexico - a country of contrasts
  • The Judaic Heritage
  • The Unknown Sanctuary
  • How did Sports Begin?
  • How did Sex Begin? - the sense and nonsense of the customs and traditions that have separated men and women since Adam and Eve,Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1973, ISBN 0-207-12742-5
  • The Supernatural and You!
  • Strange Customs
  • Australian Jews of Today
  • There's a Reason for Everything!
  • That Takes the Cake
  • Mistakes, Misnomers,and Misconceptions,William Collins, Australia,1983; republished by Tynron Press, Thornhill, Scotland, 1990, ISBN 1-871948-53-3


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