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Rudy's Barbershop is a chain of barbershops founded in Seattle, Washington and located primarily on the United States West Coast. The first Rudy's was opened by Alex Calderwood, David Petersen and Wade Weigel in 1993. Rudy's Barbershops are known for their casual, retro-hip aesthetic.


Alex Calderwood, a club promoter, was inspired to found the first Rudy's during occasional visits to Sig's, a neighborhood barbershop. Seeking to combine the traditional barbershop experience with trendier hairstyles that would appeal to a younger clientele, Calderwood, along with partners Weigel and Petersen, opened the first location in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood in 1993.[1] The name Rudy was inspired by the character of the same name from the television program Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.[2]

By 2003 the chain had expanded to eight properties - four additional Seattle locations, plus two shops in Los Angeles and two in Portland, Oregon.[3] There are presently 23 Rudy's Barbershops in Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, and New York.[4]


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