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Rue de Berne is a street situated in down town Geneva, Switzerland, located in the popular and multicultural quarter of Les Pâquis on the right bank (Rive droite) of the lake and the Rhone, near the railway station of Cornavin. Les Pâquis are known for night life, cafés and is the most multi-cultural part of Geneva.[1]

La rue de Berne has several restaurants, bars, hotels, cabarets, brothels and sex shops. Several Arab, Turkish, Chinese, Portuguese, Thai, Indian, Italian and Swiss restaurants are spread in and around the street making it one of the best places in Geneva for dining out. It is known as "the hip part of town" and is considered a nice part of Geneva.

In arts & literature[edit]

The 2003 novel of writer, Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes is set on this street.


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