Rufus Stephenson

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Rufus Stephenson
Source: Library and Archives Canada

Rufus Stephenson (January 14, 1835 – February 15, 1901) was an Ontario newspaper editor and political figure. He represented Kent in the Canadian House of Commons as a Conservative member from 1867 to 1882.[1]

He was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1835,[1] the son of Eli Stephenson and Chloe Chapin.[2] He was educated at the Grantham Academy in St. Catharines, Ontario.[3] Stephenson worked as a printer in St. Catharines and came to Chatham around 1850. With Charles Stuart, he took over the ownership of the Western Planet, later the Chatham Planet, which he managed until 1878. He was elected to the town council in 1861, served as reeve in 1863 and mayor in 1865-1866.[4] He served as government whip from 1878 to 1882.[1] After he retired from federal politics, he served as customs collector at Chatham until his death in 1901. Stephenson was a member of the Freemasons.[4]

In 1854, he married Georgianna Emma Andrew.[3]

Electoral record[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1867
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative STEPHENSON, Rufus 1,524
Unknown MCKELLAR, Archibald 1,427
Canadian federal election, 1872
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative STEPHENSON, Rufus 1,874
Unknown STRIPP, Wm. S. 1,730
Canadian federal election, 1874
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative STEPHENSON, Rufus 1,895
Unknown STRIPP, Wm. S. 1,823
Canadian federal election, 1878
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative STEPHENSON, Rufus 2,502
Unknown MCMAHON, H. 1,969


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