Rufus Zuphall

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Rufus Zuphall
Origin Aachen, Germany
Genres Krautrock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock
Years active 1969 – 1973; 1999 -
Labels Pilz, Little Wing, LongHair

Rufus Zuphall is a German progressive rock band from Aachen, part of the krautrock scene of the 1970s.[1]


The band was founded in 1969 by Günter Krause (guitar, vocals), Helmut Lieblang (bass), Klaus Gülden (flute) and Udo Dahmen (drums). Their style used to blend prog rock, blues rock, hard rock and some folk-ish, often instrumental tunes. A special feature of this group is the use of the flute, which sometimes led to comparisons with the English band Jethro Tull. In 1970 they issued their first LP, "Weiß der Teufel... ", self-release with limited copies available, including an experimental title track which was over 17 minutes long. On the second album, "Phallbost" (1971) they counted with Dieter Dierks and his recording studios although, before their planned third LP was completed, the musicians decided to go separate ways in 1973, for musical and personal reasons.

The half-finished LP appeared only 20 years later on CD as "Avalon and On" (1993), also featuring live recordings from the years 1970 and 1971. In 1999, the former members decided to reunite and, in 2000, they released the a live CD entitled "Colder Than Hell". In December 2007, "Outside the Gates of Eden" was released on the LongHair label, consisting of more live recordings.


  • Klaus Gülden - Flute, Percussion
  • Günter Krause - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Helmut Lieblang - Bass
  • Udo Dahmen - Drums, Tablas, Percussion
  • Thomas Kittel - Guitar, Clavinet
  • Manfred Spangenberg - Bass
  • Erich Engels - Percussion


  • "Weiß der Teufel... " (1970)
  • "Phallobst" (1971)
  • "Avalon and On" (archival recordings, 1993)
  • "Colder Than Hell" (live, 2000)
  • "Outside the Gates of Eden" (live, 2007)


Further reading[edit]

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