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Public, Aktiengesellschaft
Industry mining
Founded 1968
Headquarters Herne, Germany
Key people
Bernd Tönjes, CEO
Products coal mining
Number of employees
37,000 (2005)
Website www.rag.de

RAG AG, formerly Ruhrkohle AG, is the largest German coal mining corporation. The company headquarters are in Herne in the Ruhr area. The company was founded on 27 November 1968, consolidating several coalmining corporations into the Ruhrkohle AG.

On 12 September 2007 as a result of restructuring, the business areas of chemicals, energy and real estate were transferred to the new business entity Evonik Industries AG. Evonik Industries are headed by the RAG-Stiftung (English: RAG-Foundation), which uses corporate profits to finance the costs that arise due to the former mining activities in the Ruhr region.

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