Ruk Jung

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Ruk Jung (The Memory)
The memory movie poster.jpg
The Thai movie poster.
Directed by Haeman Chatemee
Starring Paula Taylor
Rattapoom Toekongsap
Distributed by RS Film
Release date
June 1, 2006
Running time
105 minutes
Country Thailand
Language Thai

Ruk Jung (Thai: รักจัง; rtgsRak Chang; English title The Memory; literal translation, "So Much Love") is a 2006 Thai romantic-comedy film directed by Haeman Chatemee and starring "Film" Ratchaphoom Tokongsup and Paula Taylor.


Superstar singer Film is involved in a car accident in the rural, remote mountain forests of northern Thailand. He is rescued by some hill tribe people, but because he has amnesia, he can't remember who he is. A paparazza named Jaa has followed Film. Before the accident, Film and Jaa were enemies, but now he thinks that she is someone he might have loved in his past life brought back to him by the legendary fireflies.


  • Rattapoom Toekongsap as Film
  • Paula Taylor as Jaa
  • Duangrudee Boonbumroong as Aaloo
  • Somphong Kunapratom as Lawsoo
  • Khwannapa Reuangsri as Aalaa


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