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Also known as ラン・アンド・ガン
Origin Japan
Genres J-POP
Years active 2001 (2001)-present
Members Ryuji Kamiyama
Yuya Miyashita
Kousuke Yonehara
Akira Nagata

Run&Gun is a four-member Japanese pop group which has released numerous singles, albums and DVDs and have performed some live concerts. Run&Gun started their career in 2001, with their first single "Lay up", written by Daisuke Asakura. Asakura continued to write songs for the group until 2002. "Loop" was the group's first single independent from Asakura, they released four more singles until the first album, "Face", was released in 2003. However, in 2008 they stated that they weren't planning on making any more music and will instead focus on plays and musicals, both individually and as a group.

They are best known outside Japan for their song Mi-Ra-I, which was produced for the animated television series Sonic X, and the musical adaptation of the Air Gear manga, in which they starred as Team Bacchus, an original team made for the musical. In the second installment Ryuji Kamiyama took over the role of Ikki.

One of the members, Yuya Miyashita, provides the voice of Yusei Fudo in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.


Title[1] Release date Tracks
"Lay-up!" 2001/07/04
  1. Lay-up
  2. Lay-up(karaoke)
"Ready Go!" 2001/08/29
  1. Ready Go!
  2. Ready Go!(Karaoke)
"Twinkle Starlight" 2001/12/05
  1. Twinkle Starlight
  2. 4 Boys Believe In Anything
  3. Twinkle Starlight (karaoke)
"Peace Out イザ、サラバ。" 2002/03/06
  1. Peace Out, iza saraba
  2. Run3!Run&Gun!
"Loop" 2002/07/10
  1. Loop
  2. 告白 (Kokuhaku)
"Wishing On" 2002/11/20
  1. Wishing On
  2. Smile
"shootin' to my eyes" 2003/02/19
  1. Shootin' to my eyes
  2. 僕らのルール
  3. Shootin' to my eyes (karaoke)
  4. 僕らのルール (Karaoke)
"ミ・ラ・イ" 2003/05/12
  1. ミ・ラ・イ (Mi-ra-i)
  2. ミ・ラ・イ (Mi-ra-i) (karaoke)
Face 2003/07/16
  1. Overture"yakusoku"~Blue Journey~
  2. 僕らのルール
  3. Lay-up!
  4. Ready Go!
  5. 告白
  6. Wishing On
  7. 光へ 君へ
  8. ミ・ラ・イ
  9. Love&Smile
  10. shootin' to my eyes
  11. Loop
  12. 約束~hello goodbye~
"Believe" 2004/08/19
  1. Believe
  2. 裸のココロ (Hadaka no Kokoro)
  3. Believe(Inst)
  4. 裸のココロ (Hadaka no Kokoro)(Inst)
"ブラックジャック" 2005/01/19
  1. ブラックジャック (Black Jack)
  2. 傷歌上々
果てしない旅の中で・・・ 2005/02/23
  1. Big Bang!
  2. time shock featuring Akira
  3. ユウヤの青春伝説 featuring Yuya
  4. ブラックジャック (Black Jack)
  5. ビュービューくる優しさは featuring Ryuji
  6. メモリーズ featuring Kousuke
  7. 青空 (Aozora)
Re:ing 2006/06/21
  1. オーライ!フレンズ 
  2. Glider(Album version) 
  3. linked together 
  4. 渚・ビューティホー 
  5. 世界は僕を見てない 
  6. 舞い上がれ 
  7. Sky in heart(Album version) 
  8. Brave(Album version)
  9. Get Back 
  10. みんなのゆめ 
  11. Christmas Time In Yeah~ 
  12. アイリスの花言葉

DVD, VHS[edit]

  • Ally-oop (DVD/2002.9.19)
  • Memory of voyage (DVD,VHS/2003.8.6)
  • Blue Journey - Another Story Of Route58 (VHS/2003.5.2)
  • Run&Gun Summer Tour 03 -Blue Journey-
  • RUN&GUN stage 1: Blue Sheets (2008)
  • RUN&GUN stage 2: Yoosoro (2008)
  • RUN&GUN stage 3: 僕等のチカラで世界があと何回救えたか (2010)


RUN&GUN stage 1: Blue Sheets (2008)[edit]

A story about several homeless people who live together in a makeshift home on the street. The reasons why they are homeless are told throughout the play as a reporter is making a documentary about them.

The main character is Hug (Kamiyama Ryuji), who waits around every day with a sign reading 'Free Hugs', hoping to make people feel better. At the start of the stage he meets Masaru (Yonehara Kousuke), who got into a gambling debt and is now homeless. Hug brings him to meet the others. Miyashita Yuya plays Kenta, a musician who ran away from home and his pregnant girlfriend. Nagata Akira plays Nagai, a dancer who also ran away from his problems. [2]

RUN&GUN stage 2: Yoosoro (2008)[edit]

Yoosoro takes place on one of Japan's old steamship. The main characters played by RUN&GUN work down below, stocking the ovens full with coals. As the ship travels, they meet several different travellers, one of which is Sakamoto Ryōma. [3]

RUN&GUN stage 3: 僕等のチカラで世界があと何回救えたか (2010)[edit]

This stage tells the story of a group of students meeting again at their old school. [4]


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