Running Battle

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Running Battle
Cover art of Running Battle
Developer(s) Opera House[1]
Publisher(s) Sega[1]
Platform(s) Sega Master System[1]
Genre(s) Beat 'em up
Mode(s) Single-player

Running Battle is a 1991 Sega Master System beat 'em up video game that was released exclusively in Europe.


This game is basically a brawler where the police officer has to eliminate a series of armed thugs that are trying to take over his anonymous city.[2] The leader's name is simply the letter "M" and he calls his troops "The Soldiers of Darkness.[2]" Players can only move from left to right; like in a side-scrolling platformer.[2] The player can also regain his health on certain power-ups, in addition to getting a temporary boost in his muscle power and the temporary ability to access weapons.[2]

There are five levels in this game; which are divided into sub-levels and end with a confrontation with an all-powerful boss.[2] Each section can be crossed over without killing anyone.[2] However, complete pacifism doesn't work and the player is required to destroy a minimum amount of them on the screen.[2]


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