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Runoff, run-off or RUNOFF may refer to:

  • RUNOFF, the first computer text-formatting program
  • Runoff or run-off, another name for bleed, printing that lies beyond the edges to which a printed sheet is trimmed
  • Runoff or run-off, a stock market term
  • Runoff curve number, an empirical parameter used in hydrology
  • Runoff model (reservoir), a mathematical model describing the relationship between rainfall and surface runoff (see below) in a rainfall catchment area or watershed
  • Runoff voting system, also known as the two-round system, a voting system where a second round of voting is used to elect one of the two candidates receiving the most votes in the first round
    • Instant-runoff voting, an extension or variation of runoff voting where a second round can be rendered unnecessary by voters ranking candidates in order of preference
  • Run-off area, a racetrack safety feature
  • Surface runoff, the flow of water over land as a consequence of rain, melting snow, etc.

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