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Colonel Rupert Ashworth Ramon de Larrinaga (born 19 November 1928) is a former British skier of Basque descent,[citation needed] notable for competing in the 1952 Winter Olympics games, in the Giant Slalom.[1][2]

De Larrinaga is also notable for being the first British citizen to win the Skiing Kandahar Cup, and for being the captain of the British Skiing Team in the 1956 Winter Olympics, although a broken hip caused by a collision with a fellow skier prevented his direct competition in the event.[citation needed]

A colonel in the British Army, de Larrinaga served in the occupation of Germany, eventually rising to command King's Regiment (Liverpool). He was also a director of the large family run Larrinaga Steamship Company Ltd.

A resident of the Isle of Man, de Larrinaga appeared on Isle of Man stamps in 1994 in celebration of the centenary of the International Olympic Committee


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