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Ruqayya (Arabic: رقيّة‎‎) (also spelled Ruqaiya, Ruqayyah, Ruqaiyyah, Ruqaya, Rukaiya etc.) is an Arabic female given name meaning "rise, ascent, ascending", "chant or recite Divine Words".[1] It is derived either from Arabic رقى (ruqia) meaning "rise, ascent" or from رقية (ruqyah) meaning "spell, charm, incantation". It also means "enchanting, bewitching or of being armed against sorcery".[2] Ruqayyah is the name of a daughter of the Islamic prophet Mohammad. However most Shia accounts don't consider Ruqayyah as biological daughter of Muhammad, they consider Fatimah as the only biological daughter of Muhammad.

Famous people called Ruqayya include:

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