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Public (LSERPO)
Industry Petroleum
Founded 2007
Headquarters London , UK
Key people
Christopher Clark, (Chairman)
Donald Wolcott, (CEO)
Revenue US$23.7 million (2011)[1]
US$(19.5) million (2011)[1]
US$(61.2) million (2011)[1]

RusPetro is an independent oil and gas producer operating in the central portion of the Krasnoleninsk field in Western Siberia. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange until its privatisation in June 2016.


The company was founded by Vladimir Marchenk in Cyprus in 2007 and was subsequently known as Petroltech Holdings until June 2011 when it became RusPetro Holdings.[1] It made its Initial Public Offering in January 2012.[2] It was de-listed from the London Stock Exchange in June 2016.[3]


The company has recently completed a well in the Krasnoleninsk field producing 700 barrels of oil per day; an additional well is now being drilled.[4]


The company is 29% owned by management and 48% by Limolines (which is half owned by Andrey Likhachev, chairman of tycoon Oleg Deripaska's power unit EuroSibEnergo and half owned by investment fund Altera Capital).[5]


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