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Rusher may refer to:


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  • Brandy Rusher, a model and contestant on the 4th "cycle" of U.S. reality-competition television show "America's Next Top Model"
  • Daniel Ruczko, a.k.a. Rusher, a German musician & music producer
  • Jack Rusher, a bronze medal-winning U.S. Olympic rower
  • Matt Bloom, a.k.a. Rusher Road, a U.S. professional wrestler (a.k.a. Lord Tensai, Prince Albert, A-Train, and Giant Bernard)
  • William A. Rusher, a U.S. political columnist and one of the founders of the U.S. conservative movement


  • The Rusher Hotel, a.k.a. the Great Southern Hotel, a historic U.S. hotel in Brinkley, Arkansas