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Rushmoor Arena is an outdoor arena in Aldershot. The arena was built by the British Army in 1923 for The Aldershot Military Tattoo[1] and it has a current maximum capacity of 30,000.[2] The arena is open-air grassland bowl around a 10 acre central area, without seats.

The venue has been host to many events, including The Aldershot Command Tattoo, The Aldershot Army Show, a 3 day festival, stunt shows, car shows and Rally Car racing.[3]

An oval race track has been built on one of the arenas car parks, and regularly holds Stock Car Racing organised by Spedeworth.[4]

The Aldershot Command Searchlight Tattoo[edit]

The Tattoo originated from a special display for Queen Victoria in 1894[5] and soon became an event in itself. Its growing popularity required the building of a venue to cater for the large numbers of people attending. Rushmoor Arena was built in 1923 and the Tattoo became a national spectacle with over 5,000 soldiers taking part. The Tattoo had annual crowds of up to 500,000 people, and over 58,000 cars.[5] The last Tattoo was held in 1939 before the outbreak of the 2nd World War.


Rushmoor Arena is located on the West side of Aldershot off Bourley Road, close to the Wellington Statue, Aldershot. There is space for 10,000 cars in close proximity to the arena. Aldershot station is a walking distance of about 1.4 miles (2.3 kilometres).

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