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Russell M. Artzt (born 1948) Co-founded Computer Associates International, Inc. (now CA Technologies) with Charles B. Wang. While Russ was working at the Electronic Laboratories in the 1960s at Columbia University, he met Charles Wang. They became friends and later both joined Standard Data. In the late 1970s a Swiss company, owned by billionaire Walter Haefner, had developed a computer program, Sort. Russel Artzt and Charles Wang formed their own company and bought the company from Haefner. {The preceding two statements appear to be incorrect, apparently from confusion with CA's 1987 acquisition of UCCEL Corp.} Haefner still is the majority stockholder of Computer Associates owning over 25% of CA Inc. Russell Artzt is still the Executive Vice President of products, was President in charge of eTrust and a former member of the Board of Directors of CA, Inc.

Russell Artzt recently paid a multi-million dollars settlement in the Sanjay Kumar case.

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