Russian Dressing (film)

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Russian Dressing
Krazy Kat series
Title card
Directed by Manny Gould
Ben Harrison
Produced by Charles Mintz
Music by Joe de Nat
Animation by Al Eugster
Allen Rose
Harry Love
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date(s) May 1, 1933
Color process Black and white
Running time 6:16
Language English
Preceded by The Broadway Malady
Followed by House Cleaning

Russian Dressing is a short theatrical cartoon by Columbia Pictures, featuring Krazy Kat.


Krazy is on a horse-drawn sleigh, riding through the countryside, and playing a balalaika. He then stops at a house, and sings the Russian song Dark Eyes to serenade someone. Coming out of the house is Krazy's spaniel girlfriend. They would then walk around and sing the song together.

Krazy and the spaniel enter the house, which turns out to be a tavern, where they do the Cossack dance. It is a pleasant experience for them. Meanwhile, a hefty hog drinks an entire bottle of vodka, thus becoming intoxicated and psychologically corrupted. The hog nabs Krazy and tells him to blow up "the palace" with a round black bomb. Krazy, at first resists, but is compelled by the hog who is heavily armed.

Krazy jigs out of the tavern while holding the bomb. He tries to hurl it at a distance but animals in the vicinity, such as dogs and birds, keep throwing it back. Not liking what the cat is doing, the hog engages with Krazy in volleying the bomb back and forth. Fortunately for Krazy, the bomb finally detonates at the hog who then runs off in a barrel. Krazy and the spaniel go on to celebrate by doing the Cossack dance outside and kissing.

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