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Russian State Hydrological Institute (SHI) (Russian: Государственный Гидрологический Институт) is a scientific institute of Russia in the field of developing methods for locating hydrological networks and river hydrometry, creating modern models and methods for accelerated measurements of water discharge, runoff accounting at hydroelectric power plants and other hydrology structures. SHI is created under the initiative of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the year 1919. The institute cooperates with international organizations such as UNESCO and the World Meteorological Organization.

Staff and organisation[edit]

SHI has about 350 employees. The research staff includes about 60 doctors. The institute currently includes such departaments as:

  • Department of Valday for hydrometeorological experimental research
  • Major experimental laboratory in a town Ilichovo
  • Department of runnoff calculation and water management problems
  • Department of channel processes
  • Department of metrology and standardization
  • Department of hydrophysics
  • Department of researching of hydroecology
  • Department of water resources and water balance
  • Department of scientific-technical information
  • Department of flooding research
  • Department of climate change research
  • Department of remote sensing methods and geoinformation systems
  • Department of river network
  • Department of water cadastre

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