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Ruth B. Noller (October 6, 1922 – June 3, 2008) from Sarasota, formerly of Buffalo, is known for her work as a scholar in creative studies. Noller was a Navy veteran of World War II, mathematician, and Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus at State University of New York.[1] Her articles and publications include "Mentoring: A Voiced Scarf, Scratching the Surface of Creative Problem Solving" and with Sid Parnes, "The Guide to Creative Action and Creative Action Book."[2]

Mathematical formula for creativity[edit]

Noller applied her background as a former professor of mathematics to develop a formula describing the factors that produce creative behavior. In her formula, represented as C = ƒa(KIE), she indicated that creativity is generated by the interaction between Knowledge (K), Imagination (I), and Evaluation (E). Furthermore, she suggested that a crucial catalyst in this formula is the individual's attitude (A).[3]

In 2015, the Creative Education Foundation announced the Ruth B. Noller Research Grant for emerging research in the field of creativity.[4]


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