Ryan Pitylak

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Ryan Pitylak
Born 1982
Nationality American
Education University of Texas
Occupation CEO of Unique Influence

Ryan Pitylak (born 1982) is an American entrepreneur and chief executive officer of Unique Influence, a digital marketing consulting firm based in Austin, Texas.[1][2][3] He is former internet spammer who, in civil settlements with the state of Texas and Microsoft, admitted to "sending 25 million e-mails every day at the height of his spamming operation in 2004" and paid out over $1 million.[4] He was listed as the fourth-worst spammer by Spamhaus Project at one time.[4]

Pitylak is a graduate of the University of Texas, where he received undergraduate degrees in economics and philosophy.[5] In June 2006, he launched Pitylak Security, an Internet security company that focused on anti-spam consulting.[6]

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