Rybka (film)

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Directed bySergei Ryabov
Written bySergei Ryabov
Release date
  • 20 February 2007 (2007-02-20)
Running time
9 minutes 35 seconds
LanguagesSilent, no dialogue

Rybkaanimated film.

Production: Russia, 2007. Length 9 minutes 35 seconds.

The small child's world is wonderful and extremely complex. A seemingly unimportant event can lead to tragic disaster in child's life. On the other hand, kindness of the baby soul is capable to work a miracle. And it can even to animate the tiny fish.

Production note[edit]

The Animation Stand

The film "Rybka" is made at home, outside of professional studio. All the required equipment - the lighting, camera holder and also shooting multilevel machine - were made by hand specially for creation of this project. The animation technique "Cut-out" was used at production. And two piping voices of the director's children sound in the film.



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