Rygos naujienos

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Rygos naujienos
Front page for December 6, 1909
Type Weekly newspaper
Founder(s) Liudvikas Jakavičius (Lietuvanis)
Founded December 6, 1909
Language Lithuanian
Ceased publication July 11, 1915

Rygos naujenos (literally: news of Riga) was a Lithuanian-language newspaper printed in Riga, Latvia, from December 29, 1909 to July 11, 1915. Liberal in political orientation, but nationalist (pro-Lithuanian) and anti-communist, the paper was the most widely circulated newspaper amongst Lithuanian citizens residing in Latvia. It was founded and edited by Liudvikas Jakavičius.

Publication history[edit]

Its first issue was published on December 29, 1909, and it was issued every week until July 11, 1915.[1] The newspaper was printed in black and white and its main emphasis was Lithuanian politics, economics, literature and the social life of notable Lithuanian nationals living abroad.[1] The newspaper was liberal, but nationalist (pro-Lithuanian) and anti-communist in political ideology.[2]

The most distinguished contributors of Rygos naujenos were Tadas Balanda; Zigmas Gaidamavičius (poet); Konstantinas Jasiukaitis (writer); Jonas Krikščiūnas (poet); Kazys Puida (writer); Ona Pleirytė (writer); Balys Sruoga (writer); Juozas Petrulis (historian) and Kostas Stiklius (journalist). The printing house which produced the newspaper, called "Lietuvos Knygynas," was located in 20 Kataliku Street in Riga, Latvia.[3]


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