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Ryhor Ivanavič Baradulin (Belarusian: Рыго́р Іва́навіч Бараду́лін; 24 February 1935 – 2 March 2014) was a Belarusian poet, essayist and translator.


Ryhor Baradulin was born in 1935 in Verasowka (Belarusian: Верасоўка, Werasoŭka), Ushachy Raion, to Ivan and Kulina Baradulin.[1] He graduated from a school in Ushachy in 1954, and continued his education at the Belarusian State University in Minsk, from which he graduated in 1959.[citation needed]

He worked as an editor in various periodicals (including a newspaper, The Soviet Belarus and such magazines as Byarozka and Polymya). He worked in some publishing agencies like Belarus and Mastackaya Litaratura. Baradulin was a member of the Belarusian Writer's Union and the Belarusian PEN-center (and was President of the center during 1990-1999), a member of the BPF Party.[citation needed]


Baradulin was the last Belarusian who received the title of the People's Poet (1992). He received some other important awards for several books of poems and translations. He started publishing his works in 1953.[2]

His first poems appeared in the newspaper Chyrvonaya zmiena. The first book of his poems, "Maladzik nad stepam" appeared in 1959. All in all Ryhor Baradulin published around 70 books of poems (including poems for children, satiric and humorous poems), articles, essays, translations. In 2006, Baradulin was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature for his book of poems called Ksty.[3]


Baradulin died in 2014 of natural causes at age 79.[citation needed]


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