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Alexander Büchler, or Bűchler Sándor (September 24, 1869 in Fülek (Fiľakovo), Kingdom of Hungary – July 1944, in Auschwitz[1]) was a Hungarian rabbi and educator.

He is a son of the Talmudist rabbi Phineas Büchler of Mór. He was educated at the gymnasium in Székesfehérvár and at the university and the seminary of Budapest; he received the degree of Ph.D. in 1893, and was ordained as rabbi in 1895. In 1897 he was called to Keszthely.

Literary works[edit]

Büchler's works include essays on the history of the Jews in Hungary, published in the "Magyar Zsidó Szemle" and the "Österreichische Wochenschrift", and the following books:

  • "Niederlassungen der Juden in Europa im XVI. und XVII. Jahrhundert, mit Besonderer Rücksichtauf Ungarn", Budapest, 1893 (in Hungarian);
  • "Schay Lamoreh", "Kolel Miktebe Ḥakme Yisrael", Budapest, 1895 (in Hebrew);
  • "History of the Jews in Budapest", 1901 (in Hungarian)


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