São Camilo State Park

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São Camilo State Park
Parque Estadual de São Camilo
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of São Camilo State Park
Map showing the location of São Camilo State Park
Nearest city Palotina, Paraná
Coordinates 24°18′48″S 53°54′49″W / 24.3133°S 53.9136°W / -24.3133; -53.9136Coordinates: 24°18′48″S 53°54′49″W / 24.3133°S 53.9136°W / -24.3133; -53.9136
Area 385 hectares (950 acres)
Designation State park
Created 22 February 1990

São Camilo State Park (Portuguese: Parque Estadual de São Camilo), formerly the São Camilo Biological Reserve (Portuguese: Reserva Biológica de São Camilo), is a state park in the state of Paraná, Brazil.


The São Camilo Biological Reserve was created on 22 February 1990, with an area of 385 hectares (950 acres) in the municipality of Palotina, Paraná. Responsibility for administration was given to the Paraná Institute of Lands, Cartography and Forests, with participation by the Paraná Agronomic Institute.[1] Soon after its establishment the area began to be visited by the local people for recreational purposes. This is not legally allowed for a biological reserve. To allow for visitors and environmental education while still preserving the local biodiversity, the status was changed to State Park.[2]


The purpose of the biological reserve is to preserve the fauna and flora. Exploitation of the reserve and changes to the environment were originally prohibited.[1] The park contains vegetation in an advanced stage of recovery. As one of the last fragments of forest of any size in the region it is a haven for wildlife. It is included in the Caiuá – Ilha Grande Biodiversity Corridor.[2]