Sågen, Haninge, Sweden

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Sågen is the centre of the Vendelsö-Gudö sub-district of Haninge, Sweden. It is a community mainly consisting of 4-story buildings, built in the 1970s.

It is a child-friendly area with many playgrounds and a nearby school. The residents of Sågen are proud of their surrounding large trees and wide lawns, a feature that distinguishes Sågen from other similar communities. It is built around a square (“the Sågen Square”) with multiple shops.

The phrase ”Sågen kids" originates from this community and was a popular phrase meaning 'kids that have something better to do than to just hang around'.[citation needed]

Sågen is situated near to nature. A short walk from the forest, Sågen offers several lakes for swimming or skating, depending on the season.

Coordinates: 59°11′59″N 18°11′28″E / 59.19972°N 18.19111°E / 59.19972; 18.19111