Sébastien Bigot de Morogues

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Sébastien-François Bigot
Bigot de Morogues.jpg
Born March 1, 1706
Brest, France
Died August 26, 1781 (1781-08-27) (aged 75)
Villefallier, Loiret, France
Nationality French

Sébastien-François Bigot, vicomte de Morogues, (March 1, 1706 in Brest, France – August 26, 1781 in Villefallier, near Orléans, Loiret), was a French soldier, a sailor and military naval tactician.

Early life[edit]

Sébastien-François Bigot was born on March 1, 1706 in Brest, France.


An artillery specialist, he served in the Royal-Artillerie then the French Navy. In 1759, he commanded the 70 gun Le Magnifique, including at the Battle of Quiberon Bay. He was the first director of the Académie de Marine.[1] In 1763, he published Tactique navale, which was of such quality that it quickly became known in English and Dutch translations. He was made a lieutenant-general in the Navy in 1771.


He died on August 26, 1781 in Villefallier, near Orléans, France.


At least three roads in Brittany bear his name, according to the 1997 book Les Noms qui ont fait l'histoire de Bretagne.


  • Tactique Navale, 1763.


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