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Séguédine is located in Niger
Coordinates: 20°11′31″N 12°58′3″E / 20.19194°N 12.96750°E / 20.19194; 12.96750Coordinates: 20°11′31″N 12°58′3″E / 20.19194°N 12.96750°E / 20.19194; 12.96750
Country Niger
Region Agadez Region
Department Bilma Department
Commune Séguédine
Elevation 459 m (1,509 ft)
 • Total 485

Séguédine is a town in central eastern Niger, lying at the far northern tip of the Kaouar escarpment, an inhabited oasis in the midst of the Sahara Desert. It is a Commune of Bilma Department, Agadez Region.

While isolated in modern Niger, it once lay on the important central soudan route of the Trans-Saharan trade which linked coastal Libya and the Fezzan to the Kanem-Bornu Empire near Lake Chad. Its population is made up primarily of traditionally sedentary Kanuri people, as well as semi-nomadic Tuareg and Tubu people.


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