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Saturn IB 1st stage.jpg
Diagram of the S-IB first stage of the Saturn IB rocket
Manufacturer Chrysler[1]
Country of origin USA
Used on Saturn IB (stage 1)
General characteristics
Height 25.5 m (84 ft)
Diameter 6.6 m (22 ft)
Gross mass 448,648 kg (989,100 lb)
Engine details
Engines 8 H-1 engines
Thrust 7.1 MN (1,600,000 lbf)
Specific impulse 296 s (2.90 km/s)
Burn time 155 seconds
Fuel RP-1/LOX

The S-IB stage was the first stage of the Saturn IB launch vehicle, which was used for Earth orbital missions.[2] It was composed of nine propellant containers, eight fins, a thrust structure assembly, eight H-1 rocket engines, and many other components. The propellant containers consisted of eight Redstone tanks (four holding LOX and four holding RP-1) clustered around a Jupiter rocket tank containing LOX. The four outboard engines gimballed to steer the rocket in flight, which required a few more engine components. It burned for nearly 2.5 minutes before separating at an altitude of 42 miles (68 km).


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