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S. nana may refer to:

  • Scoliacma nana, a moth species found in Australia
  • Scutellaria nana, the dwarf skullcap, a plant species
  • Siebera nana, a plant species in the genus Siebera found in Palestine
  • Sphingonaepiopsis nana, the savanna hawkmoth, a moth species found from Iran to Natal
  • Stelis nana, Lindl., 1858, an orchid species in the genus Stelis found in Ecuador and Peru
  • Stiobia nana, the Sculpin snail, a gastropod species endemic to the United States
  • Sturnira nana, the lesser yellow-shouldered bat, a bat species endemic to Peru
  • Sylvia nana, the Asian desert warbler, a bird species found in south central temperate Asia
  • Synanceia nana, the Red Sea stonefish or dwarf scorpionfish, a venomous fish species

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