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The Syrian Center for Policy Research (also known as SCPR) is an independent, non-governmental, and non-profit think tank based in Syria. It seeks to bridge the gap between the research and policy making processes through public policy oriented research. As an organization, it claims to develop a participatory evidence-based policy dialogue, intending to achieve policy alternatives that promote sustainable, inclusive, and human-centered development.

Syrian civil war study[edit]

Based in Damascus until 2016, the SCPR, which is regarded as one of the most reliable local sources for information about the Syrian civil war since it is unaffiliated with any government or opposition group, estimated the number of dead due to the war as 470,000, as of 2016.[1] The study asserts that the dead include civilians and combatants, and states that as many as two million people were injured.[2] The study also stated that during the years of the war between 2011 and 2016 over 6 million Syrian refugees tried to escape the violence.[3]

Strategic objectives[edit]

According to the SCPR, objectives include helping people in Syria to better initiate and engage in an open, respectful, and informed dialogue on key issues of public policy.


The published values of the SCPR include:

  • Empowerment for all
  • Information for all
  • Inclusiveness
  • Equality in society by supporting the excluded, deprived, and marginalized
  • Participation, transparency, and accountability
  • High research ethics
  • Independence
  • Serving public interest

Vision: An accountable transparent evidence-based, policy making process in Syria, supported by an active socio-economic dialogue, and dynamic public, private, and civil society partnership in which a credible professional research community produces knowledge for policy and public opinion.[4]

Mission: To contribute to the enhancement of policy-oriented research, social dialogue, accountable and transparent policy making, and the capacity building of policy institutions in order to promote sustainable inclusive development.[4]

Projects and publications[edit]


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