SCR-784 Radar

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The SCR-784 was a fire control radar set used by the U.S. Army designed to be an amphibious version of the SCR-584, and mounted on a searchlight trailer called a K-84.

K84 radar trailer, 1947


Frequency: 2,800 MHz
Pulse Width: 0.8 µs
Pulse Repetition Rate: 1707 pps
Vertical Coverage: 300 to 10,000 yards (270 to 9,140 m)
Indicator Type: display 7 inch PPI and, two 3 inch CRT's for range determination

K-84 trailer[edit]

  • built by Fruehauf Trailer Co.
  • Gross Weight is 13,165 pounds (5,972 kg).
  • Tires are 9.00 X 20. 10 Ply.
  • Electric brakes, and parking brake.
  • Overall length 220-3/8"
  • Overall width 97-3/4"

Surviving examples[edit]

There are no known surviving examples of this array.

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