SCW Southwest Brass Knuckles Championship

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The SWCW Southwest Brass Knuckles Championship was a short-lived secondary title in Southwest Championship Wrestling. It lasted from 1981 until about 1983.

Title history[edit]

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Tank Patton 1 April 24, 1981 Houston, TX Defeats Tiger Conway Jr.
Tiger Conway Jr. 1 1981 Houston, TX
Tank Patton 2 1981 Houston, TX
Ken Patera 1 1981 Houston, TX
Manny Fernandez 1 1981 Houston, TX
Bruiser Brody 1 circa April 1982 ? Unknown whom Brody beat for the title
Tony Atlas 1 September 3, 1982 Houston, TX Defeats Mongolian Stomper
Title retired 1983 Title abandoned

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