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Signal-to-noise and distortion ratio (SINADR[1]) is a measurement of the purity of a signal. SINADR is typically used in data converter specifications. SINADR is defined as:

\mathrm{SINADR} = \frac{P_\mathrm{signal}}{P_\mathrm{quantizationError} + P_\mathrm{randomNoise} + P_\mathrm{distortion}}

where P is the average power of the signal, quantization error, random noise and distortion components. SINADR is usually expressed in dB. SINADR is a standard metric for analog-to-digital converter and digital-to-analog converter.

SINADR (in dB) is related to ENOB by the following equation:

\mathrm{SINADR} = ENOB\cdot 6.02 + 1.76


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